Sanja Kolaric, MA, MCP, the president of the organisation

Born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1980. After secondary school I have studied at the Centre for Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb and obtained a BA degree, as a philosophy and sociology teacher. While studying I was awarded a scholarship for gifted students by the Ministry of science, education and sports in 1998. In the academic year 2006/2007 I have attended a master program at Central European University (CEU) in Budapest and was awarded with scholarship by the Soros Foundation. In July 2007 I have pass the exam “Installation, configuration and administration of the Microsoft Windows XP Professional: 70-270 System” and became Microsoft Certified Personnel (MCP). Afterwards, I have taught ethics in a secondary school and computer education at an adults’ education centre. Also, I have been lecturing the state graduation preparatory courses in philosophy, sociology, logics and politics and economy.

Since June 2005 up until now I have been volunteering as necessary at the non-governmental organisation Open Society for Idea Exchange (ODRAZI, Zagreb), where, after having designed and organised some of the educational materials regarding digital literacy for our webpage, I mainly work on the institutional visibility of our organisation and in promoting human rights to free access to education and information.


  Dario Ilija Rendulic, electronics engineer, vice-president

Born in Novi Sad, Serbia in 1977. Since childhood I have been interested in how things function. Once, as a child, I got a metal car as a present from my mother. I immediately disassembled it because I wanted to find the engine and see how it works. Needless to say, my mother was not thrilled about it. It was a very expensive gift. Anyhow, this interest led me to the university where I obtained a degree in electronic engineering. During my studies, I have communicated with many students from various academic fields, such as sociology, philosophy, economics and other. My attention was grabbed by the problems of contemporary education systems, many of which could be solved by innovative technology use.



Jasmina Bosancic

Born in Sisak on 17 September 1985. She writes drama texts and poetry and has studied political science. She is actively engaged in the work of Serbian cultural society SKDA “Prosvjeta” in Sisak.


Elfrida Basa Berger

e-mail: istra.croatia@gmail.com

Born 17  June1970 in Murska Sobota, Slovenia R.

She finished Beltinci primary school and SCTP Murska Sobota secondary school, both in Republic of Slovenia. Afterwards she enrolled at FOV Kranj and graduated in work organization – informatics.

In 1994 she moved to the Republic of Croatia, where she works in tourism, occasionally teaches mathematics and, generally, follows his inner urge for acquisition of knowledge in all areas, from science, society, health, personal growth and awareness. She has a desire to share her impressions and knowledge with everyone she meets in her life. Internet beneficially opened her door to everyone and to everything – including volunteering on this great project with the motto “pass on…”.


Jelena Nikolic





Jelena Nikolic

Born on 17 December 1985 in Pula. After finishing natural sciences secondary school in Pula, she enrolled at the Faculty of Economics and is currently finishing her degree in business informatics.


Dino Dumancic

e-mail: dino_engl@yahoo.com

I was born in Osijek, Croatia, in 1985. i graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Osijek, obtaining a teacher’s degree in English language and literature and history. My work experience includes teaching foreign language in primary and secondary schools. In my spare time I translate, proofread and volunteer. My wish is to further improve my language skills, and acquire new knowledge and skills through the new work experience and opportunities offered.


Ana Kedves

Born in 1988 in Osijek. After obtaining a master degree in English philology and pedagogy at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Osijek, she enrolled for a postgraduate advanced master program in “Regional cooperation and integration in the European Union.” Throughout her studies, she specialised at Karl-Franzens University summer programs in Graz and, as a graduate student, she participated in City of Osijek’s educational project working as a special needs teaching assistant. She was also employed as a special education English teacher.

In her free time, she takes classes in Spanish and Croatian sign language, and volunteers on the project “Regional Information Youth Centre Osijek”, realised by PRONI Centre for Social Education. Her scientific interests include pragmatics, sociolinguistics, and cultural and European studies, and she plans to enrol for a Ph.D. program in linguistics.


Zoran Gajdar
Zoran Gajdar
e-mail: zoran.gajdar@gmail.com

Born in Sombor, Serbia, in 1987. I am currently finishing undergraduate studies in English at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. So far I have translated and localised of materials in the field of self-help. I consider volunteerism as a great opportunity for improving skills and acquiring extensive experience which certainly helps in career development.



Andrea Giannino



e-mail: andrea.masterzero@gmail.com

Born in Palermo, Italy. Class ’91. I attended high school specialized in modern manguages, studying English, French, Spanish and, in my own free time, Danish. After secondary school, I started to work and study on my own, I worked at radio station, I attended and finished a course for Sound Technician, Sound Design and Music Producer and, right now, I’m doing scriptwriting and more.

In august 2013, I joined as volunteer in NGO Open Society for Idea Exchange (ODRAZI, Zagreb) in order to help with translation for the ITdesk.info project. I’m also a member of Amnesty International, organization committed to protect and enhance human rights.


Ismael Ramírez

Ismael Ramírez was born in Madrid in 1991. He studied Translation and Interpreting in the “Universidad Autónoma de Madrid”. His language combinations are English – Spanish, Spanish – English and German – Spanish. He is specialized in medical and technical translations. He has worked as a translator in an internship offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid. He moved to Barcelona and volunteered for the ITdesk.info team translating handbooks and quizzes in order to promote digital literacy.


Javier Marzal 

Born in Lerma (Burgos), Spain in 1951. After secondary school I have studied at the Santander (Cantabria), Spain, Physical Sciences, Electronic and Automatic Specialty. From there until now I have worked always in the private enterprise in different positions: projects manager, technical manager, etc. in the area of Telecontrol and Automation Systems in the sector of Information and Communication Technologies. Now I am freelance consultant and I collaborate with different NGO also.





Surojit Chakraborty

Born and brought up in a quaint rural neighbourhood of India, Surojit hadn’t seen a computer till he was in his teens. But having discovered the marvellous world of technology, and being enamoured by the immense possibilities associated with it, he went on to become a computer engineer with one of the highest grades in his class.
He further went on to complete his masters in personnel management as a batch topper, following which he decided to pursue an academic career over a corporate one, solely based on his innate love for teaching. He has been working as a faculty since then, while also writing and volunteering in his spare time.
He took up the volunteering assignment at ODRAZI as an expert reviewer of e-materials since it offered him a unique scope of amalgamating the two fields he was really passionate about – technology and education.




Kim Wallrafe

e-mail: kim.wallrafe@gmail.com


I am a professional translator translating from English and French to German. Born and brought up in Germany, I gained an ‘International Diploma in Office Management’ which focussed on languages and business in Germany, the UK, and France. This heightened my awareness regarding cultural differences and the use of appropriate terminology in business translation. I continued studying at the Université de Lorraine, France where I did the first year of my Master’s degree in Translation. I then went to complete the MA in Translation at the University of Bristol, England. To complement my formal education, I have been following various lectures on ProZ.com.

I broadened my knowledge and understanding in IT terminology while working as information system representative at Airbus, France and acquired specialised knowledge in the field of aviation while working with Airbus’ German in-house translation team. The internship involved translating technical documents from French to German and English and selecting and delegating translations to a subcontractor. Since April 2014 I have been translating educational material in the field of digital literacy from English into German for the NGO Open Society for Idea Exchange from which I continue to gain valuable experience.


GODSON Dezy key   Tra Bi Thoili Désiré Silvère

e-mail: dezygodson@gmail.com

Born in Côte d’Ivoire in 1988. I finished secondary school in 2007. I studied British Languages, Literature and Civilization at Université Félix Houphouet Boigny where i got a bachelor degree in 2013. I am currently completing graduate studies in Marketing – Management. I am also a musician. I  developed interest in volunteering for civil society organizations. I am interested in fields of translation and culture, equality and human rights.


Antonella Deleonardis photo.jpg   Antonella Deleonardis

email: gprogetto@gmail.com

Born in Fasano, Italy, in 1986. After secondary school she moved to Perugia where she obtained MSc in Civil Engineering. She is interested in how things are built and  in all that allow people to improve their knowledge in general.
She is passionate about traveling and discovering new cultures.




KAMANO Jérémie Papa Pluss


Email: jeremiepapapluss@yahoo.com

Tel: +224 669 738 699 / 655 582 739

Addresse: Kountiah/CBA/Moto Garage, Commune of Coyah, Republic of Guinea, West Africa

I was born on February 12, 1976 in small Village of Guéckédou Called Gniadou, in the Republic of Guinea, in West Africa. After my high school studies at the Lycée Josip Broz Tito of Guécckédou around 1997, I went to study the Theology at the Biblical Institute of Theology Telekoro, in Kissidougou, Rep. of Guinea.

After Three full years of Bible and religious study, I was given a Diploma of Theology, specialized in Exegeses and Preaching, after having served the church for couple of years, I decided for the family reason to do different other job, that’s why I started learning to obtain my Master degree in Business Administration in Koumasi, Republic of Ghana and a Certificate in Science of Education in Gbanga Republic of Liberia. I had taught for LAC, Liberian Agricultural Company, also in Gbanga, and I worked for Liberian Youth Organization as project planner and supervisor all in Liberia from 2007 to 2011.

Since 2012 up to now, I am doing a volunteer job with the nonprofit Organization, ONG ADCG, in Guinea, region of Coyah as a Project Planner and Project Manager, and I am also teaching English and French languages in some private High Schools. ‘’Sannou, Oka, Anges Gardiens….’’ Simultaneously, I am doing UN online Volunteer activities for many Organizations, Such as ODRAZI (‘’Open Society for Idea Exchange’’, a Croatian Nonprofit Organization), from which I am gaining large experience on ICT and translating job also. For UNDP, on translation, for Saratoga Foundation on research level and writing students’ courses for PEOI, in English and French. I am also a registered UN international Volunteer for fieldwork. I am willing to serve humanity for its well-being.


Giulia Donato

Giulia Donato, from Rome, is a M.Sc. candidate for the IT&Cognition program (Copenhagen University), interested in computational linguistics, artificial intelligence and lifelong learning in the field of technology.


    Apurv Mittal
Email: akmittal2907@gmail.com

Brought up in a town called Boisar near Mumbai, India in 1989, I derive energy by lending a helping hand to make this world a better place, in my capacity.

I have a Masters degree in Microelectronics and VLSI from Indian Institute of technology Bombay, India and work with a semiconductor corporation in Bengaluru, India.

When not working, I spend my time reading, blogging, biking and volunteering.






Jessica Montaño Oliveros

Born in Medellín, Colombia in 1994. Professional in international business from the University of Medellín  and student of translation (English-Spanish-French) at the University of Antioquia.

Béatrice Doppler-Walbott

E-mail: beatrice.walbott@gmail.com

Volunteer translator for French, German and English, I live in a “blink and you’ll miss it”-village in Alsace, France. Three of my favorite books are:

  • Walden; or Life in the Woods, by Henry David Thoreau
  • Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson
  • Theorie und Praxis der antiautoritären Erziehung, das Beispiel Summerhill, by A. S. Neill

That should give me away!


Translation: Ana Kedves