e-Citizen Club

In cooperation with Croatian Information Technology Association (HIZ) and Croatian Linux Users Group (HULK), we organise e-Citizen Club workshops. They are divided into three blocks and take place on Saturdays between 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. in an IT-equipped classroom, provided by EdukaCentar.

More information on the project is available on this flyer. We have also designed materials (handbooks, quizzes, video presentations, exercises) to be used in the workshops and published it here: Participation in the workshops is free of charge, all you need to do is apply through the contacts listed in the flyer.



Preparing and teaching individual informatics classes for immobile and partially mobile persons

(organised within the public works employment measure by Croatian Employment Institute, between July 1st and November 30th 2010)

This project enabled employing long-term unemployed persons (out of job for more than three years) as lecturers who prepared (with the use of e-education published on and other sources available on the Internet) and taught individual classes for mobility challenged users who have difficulties leaving their homes on everyday bases.

We perceive digital literacy as a precondition of being competitive on the labour market and, therefore, by realising this project, we aimed to empower the long-term unemployed persons and the handicapped persons. In addition to this, we consider basic digital literacy to be necessary for operating specialised software, such as web design programmes, photography and sound processing programmes, all of which can be operated from one’s own home. This education allows the individuals to enter the world specially adapted to meet their needs.

Specific, short-term objectives (effects) of the project:

  • to ensure free computer education for persons with disabilities
  • to temporarily employ long-term unemployed persons as lecturers
  • to empower the target groups and increase their competitiveness on the labour market.


“” – open access computer e-education project, on the webpage

Open Society for Idea Exchange ODRAZI is a non-profit, nongovernmental organisation actively engaged in promoting human rights to free information access and education.

Throughout our work we have noticed that digital literacy is one of the preconditions for being competitive on the labour market. Rapid development of the information technology (IT), which has become a base support of modern economy, caused a great discrepancy between today’s basic work skills and the skills acquired thorough the formal education. Digital literacy is still not available to large groups of citizens and imposes an obstacle to informatisation and further economic and technological advancement of the society.  It was precisely the investment in human resources that the European Union emphasised as one of the requirements in creating a modern knowledge-based economy. In addition to the positive impact on the market competitiveness and economy development, inclusive investment in human resources provides opportunities for unemployed, poor or otherwise marginalised members of society.

Within our work on active promotion of human rights to education and free information access, we have realised the project of free and inclusive computer education available at The webpage contains educational materials (multimedia presentations, textbooks and test for users to solve individually) which cover the entire curriculum of basic computer education. Education is presented in office program packages (free software, almost identical to Microsoft Office 2007) and Microsoft Office 2010 Beta, in both Croatian and English.

The objective of the project is to enable all the users to access free computer education, since it is established as a necessity in conducting modern business, with the use of the latest means of knowledge transfer. Our aim is to offer practical acquirement of knowledge and computer use skills, as well as provide advantages of e-learning (learning at time and speed which suits the users, repeating of the contents as many times as necessary, testing users’ knowledge by taking quizzes). In accordance with these aims, we endorse the vision of informatically developed society, as a precondition of the country’s growth.



Project “ODRAZI SE – primary school mathematics on the webpage

Within the “ODRAZI SE” project we provide free and inclusive mathematics education for primary schools students. So far we have published materials from 5th to 7th grade on the webpage

The aim of the project:

  • to promote the use of IT communication technologies in non-institutional education, as well as in the formal education.

Planned objectives:

  • to promote the use of information and communication technology by offering accessible primary school education
  • to endorse the human right to free access to education and information
  • to enable the access to education by localisation and translation of materials into foreign languages
  • to cooperate with other organisations and individuals on development, localisation and advertisement of the use of information and communication technologies for educational purposes

Achieved results:

  • published education materials for primary school mathematics curriculum from 5th to 7th grade
  • in cooperation with Dara Geric, a mathematics teacher from Novi Sad, a part of the 8th grade math materials were designed and published, also in Croatian
  • The webpage was recommended on mathematics specialised portals: