About us – NGO and publisher ODRAZI

Nongovernmental organisation and publisher Open Society for Idea Exchange (ODRAZI) was established in 2005, with the aim of educating the wider public about the existing, defined human rights, and the activities and/or initiatives launched by civil society organisation, which are concerned with promoting or protecting human rights which are of citizens’ interest, by using all the available media.

The organisation’s activities are:

  • designing educational materials with the aim of informing the public about human rights;
  • cooperating with organisations that deal with protection/promotion of certain human rights;
  • actively promoting citizens’ initiatives in further society democratisation, individual prosperity and civil sector empowerment;
  • endorsing the culture of humanitarianism and volunteerism, as well as higher level of institutional involvement in the civil sector;
  • informing the public, NGOs and their members about the virtual community dedicated to non-violence and community growth;
  • popularising the citizen initiatives oriented towards democratisation and society advancement;
  • improving the use of new communication technologies in increasing the citizens’ participation in the public affairs.

Main objectives:

Promoting digital literacy as a precondition of realising human right to free access to information and education.

  • to promote digital literacy and human rights to education and information through free access to basic computer education
  • to raise the public awareness of the scope of the term ‘literacy’, which nowadays also extends to digital literacy
  • to enable the access to education and localise and translate the materials into foreign languages (especially the languages of ethnic minorities in the Republic of Croatia)
  • to cooperate with other organisations which promote human rights and are active in the field of computer education – intersectoral, sectoral, international and national networking.


Translation: Ana Kedves